Getting to know the Reeds

Let’s have a quick meet and greet. I’m going to tell a little more about myself as well as the rest of the family! Get ready because there are a lot of us!


I’m Sara, a homeschooling stay at home mom. I have tattoos and I’m occasionally known to have a crazy hair color,although it is currently a normal shade. I love Jesus but I’ve been know to cuss a little. Mexican food makes my heart happy, and margaritas are my love language. I’m married to my highschool sweetheart, Shane, who I reconnected with later in life. I love my husband and my kids, and I’m not done growing my family as long as that is what God wants for us!

shane and sara

This is Shane. He is the rock of our family. He is a big kid at heart and always brings the jokes and fun to everything! He is a combat Army veteran and did two tours. He is a tell it like it is kind of guy, so if you don’t want his sometimes brutal honestly don’t ask! He is the provider for our family (because this momma loves to shop!) and I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else!

Layla flowers

This is Layla, she is 8 and the oldest. She is an amazing helper and such a little mommy! She is always rushing in to help with her younger siblings and chores. She says at least once a week how glad she is that God gave her a little sister(because let’s be honest all those brothers has got to be a lot to handle!) Her passion for reading makes this momma so happy! She is also into gymnastics and is SUCH a girly girl!

Shane and kids

Slaid is 7 and is a little cowboy at heart (pictured in the middle). He loves horses, and you’ll usually find him wearing cowboy boots. He is wild and full of energy. He unfortunately will not be on the blog much as he doesn’t live with us and we are hardly allowed in his life. Slaid lives with Shane’s mom and dad. Shane deployed shortly after Slaid was born. While he was deployed Slaid’s mom decided she didn’t want to be a mom anymore and left Slaid with Shane’s parents. Shane, being deployed in a dangerous place at the time, was told by his parents that the best thing for Slaid would be to let them adopt him in case anything happened while he was deployed. So he did that, with the understanding he would adopt him back when he came home from his deployment. Things just didn’t work out that way. He was not allowed to adopt Slaid back because he had to prove he was capable of being a good dad first. After having to live with his parents and try to “coparent” with them for years they decided they weren’t going to let him adopt Slaid back because and I quote his mother “her head knows she isn’t his mom but her heart doesn’t.” He also probably won’t be in any of our family pictures because we were told it would be “weird” for him to take pictures with us. He is being raised to think his uncles are his brothers, his grandparents his parents, and isn’t allowed to call Shane dad. We just continue to pray for him and the situation he is stuck in. We know God will work everything out in the end!

Lincoln snake

Lincoln is 6 and is the oldest boy that lives with us. He is quiet and wild and so tough all in one. He is extremely competitive and loves sports. He plays basketball, baseball and will play football this fall! He’s somewhat of a daredevil and loves to be outside flipping on the trampoline and riding the four wheeler or dirt bike. He also has an out of nowhere sense of humor and he delivers punch lines when least expected.

Logan minion

Logan is 5 and he is a firecracker. He is the cuddliest kid in the bunch. He is also the fiercest. If you’ve made him mad you better run! haha! He is pretty hilarious, joking around all the time. He is obsessed with minions and has been for 3 years. He is starting his 2nd year of baseball and is on the same team as Lincoln again. (Yay for being close in age!)

Lucy elf

Lucy is 1 and the baby of the bunch. She is a wild child. She loves her momma and you will usually find her in my arms. She has a new love for her daddy and he may have taken the cake for her favorite person (say it isn’t so!) She loves her brothers and sister like crazy and has no problem keeping up with them.

Luna is the last born. She is Lucy’s twin sister. They were di-di twins and we were estacic and somewhat scared when we found out we were having two babies! Luna went to be with Jesus around 18 weeks. We didn’t get any answers as to why she didnt make it and will never fully understand her loss. She was carried to term with Lucy and delivered stillborn. We are still very sad about losing her but can’t wait to meet her one day in heaven!


sadie and scarlett

We have 3 dogs. A yorkie named Sophie, and two boxers, Sadie and Scarlett(whom we occasionally refer to as tiger dog because of her stripes).

We have 7 chickens! Their names are Lady Gaga, Gina, Cookie, Kevin, Alvin, Midnight, and Cinnamon. They are all hens despite their names.

kevin bacon

Lastly we have a mini pig named Kevin Bacon, or just Bacon for short. He is the newest pet of the family and he has been so much fun! We are currently teaching him tricks and are amazed at how fast he learns them!

Now that you know a little more about us i can’t wait to start diving into all sorts of topics! Don’t be shy, introduce yourself and lets get to know each other!

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