St. Patrick’s Day Fun with Kids

I have always loved St. Patrick’s Day. Being born just 2 hours shy of St. Patrick’s Day I secretly pretend to extend my birthday into the holiday. Because who doesn’t want to have fun things happen on their birthday? Green clothes, green food, green beer? Sign me up! Haha.

  My kids love the holiday as well. We started the day like we always do- wearing green, except this year the girls opted to wear rainbows instead. We read St. Patrick’s Day: Day of Irish Pride (Holidays and Culture) and learned all about the holiday. It includes information about Saint Patrick, the shamrock and its meaning, and the legend of the leprechaun.

 Then we took what we learned and turned it into marshmallow painting fun!


We used the marshmallows to make shamrocks and the gold coins at the end of the rainbows.


Lucy loved the painting and wouldn’t stop trying to sneak marshmallows to eat!


I think their works of art turned out so cute!

Lastly we made fun Lucky Charm rice krispy style bars! We used this recipe. The kids loved how easy they were and eating them too of course! Did you know Lucky Charms now have unicorns in them?! What?! My kids had never eaten Lucky Charms before and now that they’ve had cereal with marshmallows I don’t know if we can ever go back! haha!

What are some of your favorite things to do on St. Patrick’s Day?



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