Spring Break

It’s Monday and spring break is officially over. Cue the crying. Just kidding. But not really.  Now it will seem like there are 1,000 days until summer break. Why is that?!

This past week we took a trip to the Tulsa Zoo with some friends. It was a beautiful day out and the kids had a ton of fun. It was also the first time Lucy was actually excited about the animals. I’m sure we will be making many more trips to the zoo now that it is getting nicer outside!


We spent the rest of the week outdoors . We took a trip to a park we hadn’t been to in a while, and the kids loved it! Lucy actually played on the playground equipment for the first time ever, which was nice.  I have to say how proud I am to be these kid’s mother! They were so sweet with Lucy at the park, taking her up the stairs and down the slides. The picture of them together on the playground is a movement I’m so glad I caught!

We spent a bunch of time in our back yard with our new family members! We have 4 new chickens and two ducks. Not that we needed any more animals, but man I just can’t say no to their cuteness!


Along with all of our fun came the desire to watch endless amounts of tv. So, I started the kids on a daily chore list. They were surprisinly excited about them. Every day the boys know there is no tv or screen time before school, yet every day they still ask.   Which makes this momma a little crazy having to answer the same question EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.- can we watch tv? But not anymore! They had chores before, and they had to be done before they could do fun things, or have any screen time. Now that I give them a list they actually get excited about finishing it. They enjoy seeing it written out and crossing things off. They’re a lot like me. I need to see that I’ve done something to feel like I’ve accomplished it.  The positive to the new list writing is I don’t have to nag them to do their chores. The negative is that I’ll have to start paying them all allowance again. I think I’ll take that trade.

I am so glad that we were able to spend some much needed time relaxing, playing and cleaning.  Now the countdown to summer break begins! 😉


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