This weekend was Easter weekend. The kids and I spent the week learning all about Easter.  We used this holy week calendar and modified it a little for our own use. The kids really enjoyed reading the scripture and memorizing a verse for each day! We also made bunny foam crafts, pearler bead easter eggs, and dyed Easter eggs. This year was the first year we were able to use eggs from our chickens. The kids were super excited about that. They chose to make emoji eggs, because they love emoji everything. Even Lucy dyed eggs! Well by dyed I mean smashed her eggs into the table and then I dyed them for her. 😉 She did put her own stickers on though! Lincoln was the most creative by dyeing his egg half one color and half another so he could make two emoji faces onto one. When they posed with their eggs I asked Lucy to put them up by her face so I could see them- so she put them ON her face….that works. haha! Their finished eggs came out pretty cute!

easter eggs 2

easter eggs 4easter eggs 3easter eggs 6easter eggs 5

On Easter morning the kids opened all the things in their Easter baskets! I don’t usually put very much candy in the baskets, just enough to fill some eggs and a small traditional chocolate bunny. I fill the baskets mostly with books, coloring books, crafting type items, beauty products, smaller toys and maybe a movie. We don’t go all out like some and may do more than others. Easter baskets range so much, kind of like stocking I guess. I linked some of the items from their stockings that they loved best below. ∨∨∨ After church we enjoyed the rest of the day together as a family, having easter egg hunts and baking. I would say it was a successful day!


Dos- the kids really liked playing it and unlike Uno you need to use some math skills
For the unicorn lovers- an Activity book to go along with the famous books

To do all things in Unicorn style- glittery!

To help answer some of the 1,000 questions I get daily Plus Fly Guy is  big hit in our house

For the joke tellers of my house- and so I dont have to hear the same jokes over and over anymore!

I’m even excited about this one! The kids love to draw, now they can draw all sorts of animals

Because who doesnt want to smell delicious things while coloring?

Lucy has not put this down since she got it! Its rainbow and has super cute magnetic stampers!

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